CYCLING UNLIMITED AG – the beginning of a new era in Swiss cycling

Major players in the Swiss cycling world are joining forces. Infront Sports & Media AG, Swiss Cycling, TORTOUR GmbH und ProTouchGlobal GmbH have founded CYCLING UNLIMITED AG, an umbrella platform for biking enthusiasts. The partners plan to bundle their extensive expertise in order to advance all levels of the sport. From 2020, CYCLING UNLIMITED AG will take on the organisation of well-known national cycling events for professionals and amateurs, including the Tour de Suisse, Tour de Suisse Challenge, TORTOUR Ultracycling and TORTOUR Gravel. The primary objective of CYCLING UNLIMITED AG is to establish a complete community and communication platform for everyone who has made cycling a part of their life.

The motivation

CYCLING UNLIMITED AG has been established by four organisations: Infront Sports & Media AG is a leading, international sports marketing company that co-organises the Tour de Suisse and Tour de Suisse Challenge; Swiss Cycling is a national cycling association and supporter of professional and popular sports; TORTOUR GmbH organises ultra-distance and gravel races; ProTouchGlobal GmbH is an international consultant and organiser of bicycle races. Co-managing director Olivier Senn comments: «I have long wanted to create an inspiring platform for cyclists of all performance levels and for fans of this popular discipline.» CYCLING UNLIMITED will be able to base its structure and positioning on a broad expertise and a large existing fan base. Each partner will contribute extensive experience and skills from its own organisation to the new company, yielding synergies that should benefit all stakeholders. Comanaging director Joko Vogel explains: «A community run by professional and amateur cyclists with an international appeal – by cyclists for cyclists, by Switzerland for Switzerland – that is how we plan to support and advance the development of Swiss cycling.»

The portfolio

CYCLING UNLIMITED AG will take advantage of its flagship event, the Tour de Suisse, as the perfect opportunity to address all its target groups. The race reaches a television audience of 2.5 million with 750,000 roadside fans, making it the perfect way of generating enthusiasm for the sport. Its new organisers plan to integrate innovative ideas and unusual features to take the race to a new era of cycling. The Tour de Suisse Challenge, which takes place at the same time as the Tour de Suisse gives amateurs the chance to dip their toes into the world of professional cycling, and the TORTOUR Ultracycling and Gravel events cater to long-distance aficionados. The comprehensive racing portfolio is aimed at a broad audience and offers something for everyone. Attractive supporting events from club excursions and training camps to digital cycling installations complete the programme. CYCLING UNLIMITED AG will start operations on 1 July 2019, working with the experienced and enthusiastic members of its existing teams.

For sponsors and partners

CYCLING UNLIMITED AG’s new network will also provide a useful communication channel for existing and new sponsors and partners. Its broad yet dedicated target group from a range of segments facilitates a focused approach to existing and potential customers. The creation of value for all groups of stakeholders is its main objective.


The founding organisations, Infront Sports & Media AG/, Swiss Cycling/, TORTOUR GmbH/ and ProTouchGlobal GmbH/, have been active in their CYCLING UNLIMITED respective fields for many years and bring far-reaching expertise and experience to the table. CYCLING UNLIMITED AG will base its activities on these assets, while eliciting, coordinating and using existing synergies.

The current teams will be responsible for the operational implementation of established events. The Tour de Suisse team consists of Célina Rovescala, Kurt Betschart and David Loosli under the leadership of Olivier Senn; TORTOUR Ultracycling and TORTOUR Gravel are represented by Joko Vogel and Mario Klaus. New activities will be planned and organised by members of all organisations. Markus Pfisterer, managing director of Swiss Cycling, will be the chairman of the board of directors of the new organisation.

As part of the foundation of Cycling Unlimited, RINGIER AG intends to assume complete ownership of the former joint venture InfrontRingier. Following the acquisition, the company will be integrated into the Ringier brand portfolio and renamed Ringier Sports AG.