Ready to Race TORTOUR Ultracycling

After turbulent months in the event area, TORTOUR will take place on behalf of Cycling Unlimited AG under the direction of Mario Klaus (OK President) and his team. “We are very pleased to be able to start and finish the event for the first time in Sihlcity,” says Mario Klaus.

After eleven years in Schaffhausen, TORTOUR Ultracycling moves to Sihlcity, Zurich. Mario Klaus continues: “The number of registrations is very pleasing. Despite Corona, our expectations were exceeded.” After registrations stalled in March, the registration process resumed at the end of May.

Sihlcity, the ultracycling Mecca

TORTOUR is already the biggest ultracycling event in the world. With about 500 participants per year, there is no comparable event of the same size. “Sihlcity offers us the space to expand the event further in the coming years,” says Klaus. The current situation prevents the planned growth, but the basis for a future cycling festival has been set.

Participants are also pleased that TORTOUR is moving to a more central location in the Sihlcity. The organisers received consistently positive feedback about the move to Zurich.

The OK of TORTOUR started its work weeks ago. Until the start, the event will be fine-tuned before the first ultracycling participants leave the start line in Sihlcity in the direction of Klausenpass on 14 August.